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Discover African Trails specializes in those clients looking for a special Adventure exploring East Africa’s gorgeous savanna’s and wildlife. We are a company based in Nairobi Kenya with Branch Agent based in Dallat (Vietnam) and Arusha(Tanzania). Our Guides have over 25 years of experience.

Discover African Trails recognizes that the modem traveler has a high expectations in wildlife, its ecology and environment as major attractions for visitors to East Africa and that’s why we feature a unique selection of our popular safaris to meet our visitor’s expectations. We specialize in Luxurious, Low Budget and Camping Safaris in East Africa; Kenya Tanzania and Uganda.

Discover African Trails makes every activity you could dream of come true, may it be Mountain climbing to the summit of Africa, fell walking at the elevations or tracking gorilla on foot, exploring the fascinating paleontological sites to see evidence of “The Origins of Man” with experts and ornithological safaris. All this and much more can be found in our East Africa region with the help of our well trained guides.

Our Vision

Providing an amazing time of Adventure and self discovery through our trips and what we offer. We will provide you with experience of a lifetime. Not only are our Kenya safari tours incredibly exciting, adventurous and truly unforgettable, they are also surprisingly affordable too.

Our Mission

The Goals of Discover African Trails is to develop a strong and reliable tour company that will operate in the entire region of the East African Region. Discover African Trails seeks to provide first-rate flexible service to its clients and to promote the image of Kenya as an unequalled tourist destination in Africa. Opportunities for extending will not be avoided but the company will ensure that quality of the service remains number one.

Our Edge; personal warmth and to the pleasure of discovering new secrets that are part of the haunting splendor that is Africa, our home.